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The Last Original Idea

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Alan K'necht

Geri Rockstein

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In the beginning... According to the Bible, Adam was God’s greatest creation and last original idea. Eve was merely a variation of the theme,...

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Chapter 3:
Web and Banner Advertising

Will Rogers eloquently stated, "Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need." The purpose of advertising remains constant regardless of the medium or the point in time.

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Chapter 7: Online News

One of the oldest activities known to mankind aside from sex is the exchange of news. And, for the last 200 years newsprint has been the primary means by which this exchange has taken place.

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The Evolution of an Idea

K'necht starts using the expression ”the last original idea” during keynotes & conference addresses
K'necht starts thinking his expression might be an idea for a book
K'necht discusses the idea with Rockstein who agrees to become a co-writer
First draft completed and is circluated to selected individuals for feedback & critisims
Writing of the book is completed and published